Think happy thoughts

A thesis research project for the Master in Visual Design at the Accademia di Belli Arti d’Urbino on how the emotions are involved in decision-making, in life and the way of seeing the world.

Emotions play an important role in the way we act and think. In addiction to a certain emotion we change the way to evaluate the situations, behavior and target.

Everything we do and think is influenced by emotions, inseparable from “cognitive process” (the set of events lead to the creation of new knowledge). Emotions affect the way we read, and use the information as well as our relationship with objects. The complexity of our brain structures than the rest of the animal kingdom allows us to read emotions even among inanimate objects. Seen this this very special man’s property, and the relentless design of objects that surround our daily lives more and more, it seems interesting to understand which emotional states are more appropriate to be called by the design, to simplify their use and to make it more pleasant. 

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The different types of emotions lead us to focus on one part of the information, through chemical mediators that alter some brain centers used to perception. Without emotions we would end up having problems in making decisions. Emotions give us continually judgments, informing us of what happens around us.